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TD&T085 I need your help!

November 30, 2021 Alison Hardy Episode 85
Talking D&T
TD&T085 I need your help!
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This week I'm reaching out for some help. I'm applying for an Associate Professor position at Nottingham Trent University and as part of that I need evidence of how my work has impacted on you.

You can do this by either sending me an email or leaving a voice message on SpeakPipe. All you need to write or say is:

  1. What work of mine has influenced you (book chapter, paper, presentation, event, conversation or podcast).
  2. How has my work influenced you?
    1. Has it made you think differently about D&T or your practice? 
    2. Do something differently at work, in your classroom, department or school?
    3. Change something?

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This is the talking dancy podcast, episode 85. Welcome to the talking Dantee podcast with me. Alison Hardy, a podcast for anybody interested in design and technology education. What I'll be sharing news, views, ideas and opinions about dancy. Hi, it's good to have you join me this week on the talking DNT podcast. Thanks for taking the time to listen. This week is a little bit different because I'm reaching out and asking for listeners help. I'm currently writing an application for associate professor at Nottingham Trent university. You may or may not be able to imagine that this is quite a long drawn out process and there's lots of forms to fill in. And as part of that, I need to provide evidence of the impact my work has had on people in my community. So I'm reaching out to you today to ask for your help, to provide me with, if you can, some evidence of anything that I've done, that's made a difference to what you do in design and technology. So let me give a little bit of context of this. So at Nottingham Trent, there's different ways of becoming an associate professor and then a professor. The route that I'm interested in is the practice roads, because I'm really driven by supporting the practice of people within the design and technology community. Now that still involves me doing research. And if you've listened to previous episodes, you'll have heard me talking about my values of Dan T project. But the other thing that I do obviously is I do the podcast and I publish books. I edit books, I have conversations with people. I run events, I speak at conferences. And so what I'm curious about is if any of those things that I've done, whether you've read one of my book chapters engage with a course that I've ran an event that I've had, that you. Listen to a podcast since, and, or you've had a conversation with me and we've talked about design and technology. If any of those things that you've engaged with us of my work has made a difference to what you do in your classroom, your school, your research, your working life, your professional life. I'd really like to know about it. And the way I'd like to know about it, it's just a couple of sentences. So it's just a short email. All you can leave me a voicemail message and I'll put a link in the show notes to how you could do that. It might be easier or quicker for some people, so it can be about practice. Whatever you send me in this country say what it was that you engaged with of mine. Was it a conversation, a podcast, an event, something that I've written about or whatever. And what difference has it made? What have you done differently? Or has it made you think differently? Some people for example, have talked to you about that? My work around the value of design and technology education has made them think differently about what the value of the subject is and what their own practices in their schools or their professional lives, but it has an impact on how other people see and view the subject as my work made a difference to how you value the subject. Has it made a difference to how you work in your department with your department has made a difference to how you. Plan your curriculum. So that's what I'm really interested in is how has my work and whatever form that work of mine takes that you've engaged with made a difference. If it has made a difference to your practice, whether that's your values, whether that's what you think, whether that's what you do and where you do your practice, whether that's the classroom, leading a department, being a senior leader in a school. Writing research, doing research I'd really welcome any contributions from you to, to help you in putting together a really strong application for my associate professors. We aren't the subject. That's actually got many associate professors or professors for all sorts of reasons. So if I want to say I'm being altruistic, I could say that the action and this is genuine that I think by having more professors in the subject nationally and internationally, it does add to the credibility of the subject. And some of my other colleagues are working towards this as well. And I'm supporting, and I'm working with. So it does go both ways. This is about me. There is a very small pay rise. I'm not going to be doing anything significant with the pay rise, but it does help me in my workplace. And I do think it adds to the community and to the credibility of the subject. So. It could be anything. And just a couple of sentences, we'll help. Thanks for listening. The podcast is part of my evidence towards my associate professor around reach and, and the work that I do with the DNC community. So this does help in that way, but it'd be really useful to have some, some personal comments from people. You can email me either. That's my work. Well, if I have my own website, Alison at Dr. Alison Hardy dot. Thanks ever so much for listening and I'll be back next week with another update on a project that I'm doing around supporting Dan T teachers in sharing and publishing their research. You've been listening to the talking DNT podcast with me. Alison Hardy. You can connect with me on Twitter at Hardy, under Scott, Allison. Show notes and transcripts for each podcast episode can be found on my website. Alison Thanks for listening.