Born To Be Wild

May 08, 2019 Mothertongue Media Season 1 Episode 3
Born To Be Wild
Show Notes

CPH:DOX is one of the world’s largest documentary film festivals — and a highlight of Copenhagen’s cultural calendar.

In this episode we talk to the directors of two films that were screened in competition at the 2019 festival. Two very similar — and yet very different — documentaries about children growing up in Copenhagen today.

Phie Ambo’s REDISCOVERY is a beautifully shot film about the 10 weeks that almost 50 children from the Green Free School in Amager spent building camps on an overgrown patch of land after they were tasked with establishing a new society there.

Olivia Chamby-Rus’s WOLFLAND is a deeply personal slice of life from the perspective of children and teenagers living on or near Blågårds Plads, a square in the northern Copenhagen district of Nørrebro.

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WOLFLAND (Trailer)

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