Chair Necessities

May 22, 2019 Mothertongue Media Season 1 Episode 4
Chair Necessities
Show Notes

We try to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

Why are the Danish so crazy about chairs? Why are there so many Danish chairs? And does the world really need any more of them?

Ahead of 3 Days of Design — Denmark’s biggest annual design event — we meet a trio of design devotees and discuss the past, present and future of Danish design.

Up first is Christian Holmsted Olesen, the head of exhibitions and collections at the Danish Design Museum and the author of The Danish Chair: An International Affair.

Then we hear from Jeni Porter, the editor of Ark Journal, a brand-new Copenhagen-based magazine about architecture, design and art.

Finally, we talk to Henrik Lorensen, the founder of TAKT, a new Danish company that wants to rethink the way we design, build and sell furniture.

Further reading:

Danish Design Museum’s permanent exhibition, The Danish Chair: An International Affair

Ark Journal


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