Right-On Green

March 27, 2020 Mothertongue Media Season 2 Episode 5
Right-On Green
Show Notes

Two Danish institutions have discovered eye-catching ways to go green.

From Greta Thunberg’s school strike to the Fridays for the Future movement, there’s no shortage of children taking a stand against climate change.

But while their activism takes place outside the school gates, some say that what kids are taught while they’re at school is just as important — if not more so.

In this episode, we visit the Green Free School, in Amager, and talk to co-founder Phie Ambo about how the school is preparing pupils for an uncertain future and teaching them to build a sustainable society.

Then we head to Bellahøj Kirke, in Copenhagen's northern suburbs, to see how Denmark's burgeoning "green church" movement is helping to spread the climate gospel.

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