Introducing... The Recipe

October 29, 2021 Mothertongue Media Season 3 Episode 0
Introducing... The Recipe
Show Notes

Say hello to a brand-new food podcast.

It’s called The Recipe — and it's all about the new generation of restaurants and the people behind them.

If you heard the Mad World episode of Archipelago, in which we took a look at the Copenhagen restaurant scene, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what The Recipe will be like.

We’ll be exploring what it takes to run a successful restaurant — and taking a closer look at some of the ingredients.

Along the way, we’ll be meeting the food world’s most forward-thinking individuals — and finding out how they think, how they work, and how they’re shaping the future of the industry.

Brought to you by Superb, The Recipe is a show for anyone who’s ever had a great plate of food put in front of them and wondered how it got there.

Episode 1 drops on Sunday 31 October — but the only thing that’s scary about it is how inspirational it is.

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