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Brittney & Cassaundra

Well, well, well, we are so happy you found us! This podcast is a girlfriends’ guide to overall wellness. We talk in relatable terms about relatable topics. There is a lot of information out there and we want to cut through all the overwhelm to ask the questions you really want answered. What is the latest trend in food and is it working? Who can explain thought work to me and what it looks like on a daily basis? How can I make my home reflect how I feel? We will talk about health, beauty and style trends as well as thought work, life coaching and spiritual well being. We tell you the people to follow, the books to read, and the advice to listen to that will inspire, motivate and help you on your journey to overall wellness. We interview the experts and regular people alike to find out what is really working in our minds, bodies, souls, family and environment to bring us all the wellness we need.

Recent Episodes

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