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Mind Your Own Dog Business

Kristen Lee

Mind Your Own Dog Business, hosted by Dog Business Strategist Kristen Lee, is a podcast focused on dog business entrepreneurs on being unapologetically successful and ready to disrupt their dog training and dog walking businesses. In this podcast, Kristen Lee challenges you to not only transform your business but transform your life while stepping into your real power as a dog business owner. You'll learn cutting edge, proven 7-figure marketing and sales strategies, luxury branding skills along with mastering your mindset that will smash all the glass ceilings and catapult your dog business to the next level with actionable steps. While allowing sustainable growth without the burnout that’s going to empower you to step into your real, authentic self as a dog trainer, dog walker, or whatever slice of the pet industry you find yourself in.Kristen Lee coaches and consults with some of the most elite dog business entrepreneurs and experts. Her mission is to disrupt the current norm, cut through the noise and empower the incredible women of the dog business to step into the spotlight, reclaim control and transform not only their business but their lives. It's real. It's raw. It's uncensored. It's what the dog business has been waiting for.www.thekristenlee.com

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