Mind Your Own Dog Business

Build it And They WON'T COME - Creating A Successful Online Dog Training Course

August 13, 2019 Episode 13
Mind Your Own Dog Business
Build it And They WON'T COME - Creating A Successful Online Dog Training Course
Mind Your Own Dog Business
Build it And They WON'T COME - Creating A Successful Online Dog Training Course
Aug 13, 2019 Episode 13
Kristen Lee
Creating an online dog training course that's profitable for dog trainers.
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Online Dog Training Programs - created by Dog Trainers. An absolutely, amazing way to take your dog training programs to the next level. 

What's NOT to love? 

  • It provides an innovative spin on the traditional dog training program model
  • Allows you to automate the learning process for clients
  • Creates unique value
  • Boosts your earning potential (go big or go home!)
  • Frees up time - yes, more time

But what if I told you, about 4 out of 5 dog online dog training programs that launch, fail. Like, flat-out fail.

Discouraging, as fuck, right?


Because simply, too many dog training business owners spend too much time building and perfecting, before selling. 

In the episode, Kristen Lee breaks down the common misconceptions about creating online dog training courses what dog trainers and dog walkers should do before even thinking about creating their first online course. And what common mistakes to avoid as you build your first profitable online dog training course. 

Buckle up, take notes, and be sure to download this episode. This is pure gold for all the dog training businesses out there. 

Download the full guide to a profitable online dog training course here:


Speaker 1:
You're listening to the my drone dog business podcast. I'm your host leading expert in dog business, strategic Kristen, Lisa, guys, yet ready for your journey, your journey to cutting edge marketing and sales, creating a standout kick ass dog business and brand along with mastering your mindset that's going to smash all of those glass ceilings that have been holding you back and catapult your dog was as to the next level with actionable steps you can take right away. We're going to empower you. We're going to grow you as you step into your authentic self, not only as a dog trainer, dog walker or what ever sliced the pet industry you find yourself in, but as that Bad-ass Entrepreneur, my mission is to disrupt the current norm. Cut through the noise, cut through the bullshit and power the incredible women of the dog was his industry to step into the spotlight, reclaim, control, and transform not only their businesses but their lives. It's real. It's raw, it's uncensored, and it's what this dog business industry needs. Let's do this guys.
Speaker 2:
Speaker 3:
Hello you, lovely, amazing dog trainers, dog walkers out there and welcome to another episode of and the mind your own dog business podcast. Oh God, I am super excited for this one today because it's all about before you create an on line dog training course and if you're making this massive, massive motherfucking mistake that is legit preventing you from making sales a k a cash motherfucking money. Yeah. So we're going to hit into that really quickly. But first and foremost just want to give you all a special shout out and thank you so much for your support over the last gosh 12 episodes. It just, it Wa it humbled my little dark heart and it makes me so happy that you guys are finding a ton of value out of this. So that being said, if you could just shoot me a quick five star review below and if you do that, screenshot it and send it to a support at Doug Walker, coach.com cause we got a little special gift for you or really fun short training module on how to up level your sales to the next growth of your business.
Speaker 3:
So I wanted to talk really today about online dog training courses and how creating one can actually prevent you from making sales where it can prevent you from making actually hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because what I see happening is I see a lot of dog trainers, a lot of dog walkers. Yes dog walkers can create in pet sitters, do online courses that are spending three to six months trying to create the perfect online course or any program geared toward dogs and dog owners. And the thing is guys, that is one of the biggest, most costly mistakes that you could ever, ever do in your dog business. It is legit, the most efficient way to prevent sales that any struggling dog owners can mistakenly make. Right? We're going to talk about that because the thing is when you spend all this time creating something and take it again, take this word, creating something is preventing you from not only creating the perfect product that your customers, your dog owners actually want, but it's costing you the cash.
Speaker 3:
It is costing struggling dog trainers, struggling dog walkers, the capital that most need not to mention the one absolute commodity. We cannot get back because the thing is guys, we cannot get time back. Time is not abundant, I would say, right? Because we can't reverse, we don't have time travel yet. Cash is abundant, money's abundant. It's always flowing. It's always available for you, but time is a commodity and if you're spending so much time creating and perfecting this online course before you actually get out and test it and sell it, you are losing a lot. You are losing more than you can even think about as a dog walker, as a dog trainer. So let me explain a bit because some of you all are probably cursing me. Some of you all are probably kind of scratching your heads. The thing is from connecting and even talking to my clients, I've seen this happen is most dog trainers are, most dog business owners invest six months of time, like six months, a half a fucking year of time, effort and focus, not to mention energy, all that energy you guys already expel you.
Speaker 3:
I know most of you guys are already on empty spending all of their time inside this course they want to launch, right? They spend this time digging in and testing technology, looking for the perfect online tool, whether that's Kajabi, whether that's Thinkific and making it perfect, finding the most perfect templates, finding and perfecting these videos that you want to, you want to have demos on and then at the end, after spending countless, countless fucking valuable hours and days and frigging months at the end of all this, when these dog trainers try to launch it, basically launching a product that hasn't been tested, worth clients or even done a Beta test with, they find there's no demand, there's no sales, there's no return. So picture it. I sound like Sophia from the golden grows. Picture it you to vote or you have maybe and it's totally okay too.
Speaker 3:
You've devoted six months in blood, sweat, tears. Not to mention sweat cause I'm always sweating myself into creating this perfect course, man. You have it in your heart that this is going to be life changing not only for the dog owners but for you because it's going to be able to free up some time where you can actually run these people through courses that actually work and it's going to create some automation so you're not consistently repeating yourself over and over and over and it's going to prep them to prepare them for the next level of growth in their own dog training skills. Right? Because we, we like to train the owners too as well and you get all this and you've done all the research. You spend all the time, you actually spent money, you know you've tested things, you've researched and research and research, hours of staying up late at night, scrolling through Facebook communities, finding and developing and tweaking all this stuff. You've done these videos that you stepped out of your comfort zone and you've done them and you know you're like, yeah, I've done these videos, I've actually practiced. I feel good, I look good on camera and I'd done this and I tweaked it. Hours of editing and film and then the time goes, you launched this, nothing God. How defeated is that? How defeated is all of the hard work you've done done and maybe you get one bite, one nibble and that's it.
Speaker 3:
And what happens is the, the feast, the diffusion, the feeling of defeat rushes over that dog pro that has invested so much time, so much energy, it defeats them. You see, they get this feeling of just that it doesn't work, that nobody wants online dog training courses because they've spent so much time of their valuable time and the feeling of failure, that horrible, horrible feeling of failure hanging your head down and knowing and feeling like they fucked up. Like they're never going to be a good enough as a trainer, as a dog walker. Truth is now, any of you guys, if you've ever felt that way, you are not alone and I can promise you, and I send you my love. You guys are not failures. You all are amazing bad asses and if you're ever feeling like that, you know, shoot your girl a message and we can always tweak things.
Speaker 3:
But the thing is these feelings that are a little bit of guilt too because of all the time, again, that time we can not get back money. We can always get money. There's always options out there, but all that time they spent hours pouring all the sleepless nights. Making sure it's perfect, stressing over the fine details of just even your keynote or your workshop handouts or the video of where you may be messed up a word often at the expense of your personal time because you're, your family already knows, your friends already know. Your colleagues already know that you're spending so much time and they miss you and you've said to yourself, you promised to yourself these dog trainers promise to themselves, these dog walkers promise themselves, this course isn't going to be my ticket to freedom to actually being able to find some freedom and really chase after my true passion or really take my neck, my business to the next level. Or being able to actually take two days off a month.
Speaker 4:
Speaker 3:
it actually just made you more detached and made you more detached, not only from your family but your business. Maybe you passed off opportunities to work with more clients, more dogs, and you lost money. That's crazy. So all these feelings start to manifest and they take over and maybe even a depression kicks in. And another thing is just say these dog trainers, he's dog walkers that created this beautiful online book program, right? It's not a, you know, I've seen these programs guys, you guys work so hard and these are great, but sometimes these dog trainers realize they even had the wrong product. Even the wrong offer, the thing that they were so sure their clients wanted and their perspective clients wanted it and needed to only sit empty to only have or without even one person logged into the online course besides them. And they sit there scratching their heads thinking, God, I thought this was the, I thought this is what people wanted.
Speaker 3:
Just perplexed, confused. And then you start questioning what you know as a dog trainer. And the thing is, guys, I don't know about you, I don't know about you, but I refuse going back to how preventing you from making sales in your dog training business. How is preventing you from having cash in your dog walking business? But again, it goes back. I don't know about you. I refuse. I refuse not to get paid for my heart ass mother fucking work. Especially, especially when I know when you know the work, the coursework, the online coursework can change and transform people's lives. It can prevent more dogs from being surrendered. It can prevent more dogs from being euthanized. It can prevent more relationship issues, uh, with owners and their dogs. And you know, maybe a couples fighting over their dogs hundreds of hours, hundreds of hours of absolutely no return,
Speaker 5:
Speaker 3:
Hundreds of hours, no return. This is why we're going to talk about monetizing your course before you create it. Guys, it's the exact same thing that I teach my highest level students that are dog trainers that are dog walkers is to monetize, test, then refine and capitalize even better. So you actually have cash coming into you as you are being paid to create a course that people actually want with proven results. And we're going to talk about that in a second, but could you imagine, I'm sitting here, I'm thinking, could you imagine how many companies would go bankrupt of using this model of going out there without testing and creating and monetize without monetizing before creating hundreds, hundreds of thousands? I'm sure. I'm sure there are tons of businesses that have done that. I've even seen it in the dog training industry. I've seen people go out and create and spend all these hours at the expense of everything they have to wear.
Speaker 3:
It just sits empty. I even know of this. Amazing, amazing dog Walker who's moving into dog training and she is a fantastic, fantastic, brilliant woman of knowledge that is created this really intense, really powerful online course for dog owners to have an actual good walk with their dog without the use of tools or anything like that and she hasn't sold one person and when we connected she thought she kind of came to the realization she spent about 400 hours creating this on top of running a busy household with children on top of running a high six figure dog walking business and pet sitting business. All of those efforts to sit empty.
Speaker 3:
And the thing is, guys, if you're feeling resistant to this idea of monetizing before you create something, you're totally not alone. You are totally not alone. A lot of the ladies I work with, they're like, oh my God, I could totally never sell something that's not created. It's weird. It's fishy, it's scammy, it's not scammy because you are creating something that your people want on demand, on demand. How fucking cool is that? Imagine, imagine if apple waited to release their software updates. That's why apple releases updates as it goes on. That's why Mac releases updates. So it's like software update 12.0 and then I noticed a patch because they get feedback. Just like your clients will give you feedback, just like you'll know, you'll have to tweak and be like, Oh shit, this is a missing component of it. So then you put in something else that's a 12.01 update the 12.02 update.
Speaker 3:
Oh crap. My clients need to know the importance of diet, exercise with their dogs and their dog training, right? They need to have something a little bit more on that and that's the beauty of it guys. You don't want to just wait and think and in kind of predict what people want when you have something that is in alignment and in creation with your clients. That's where the beauty is guys. So what I do with my students is backwards of everything we just talked about. But even though it's backwards in the model of creating and then selling, it produces incredible, incredible measurable results where they monetize first, they monetize a k a sales instead of preventing sales by waiting three to six months to have launched this beautiful product that everybody's going to buy and they don't.
Speaker 3:
They get paid first as they develop, as they create new programs and online courses and there's massive benefits. The first one, again, I'm going to hit back because this is the most important thing for the struggling business owners out there for the struggling dog trainers. For the ones that aren't hitting the high six and seven figures, they get paid first. They don't wait around to get paid. Maybe they run. Um, you know what I see a lot of people doing is they create these courses and then they run a Facebook ad and nothing buys into them, right? What I teach my clients is to get paid first. Don't wait around with your thumb up your butt. They get proof. They get actual legit proof that their market, Aka their clients want it. How so? How is the proof by sales, by sales, by people putting in cash saying, yes, I want this, Kristen.
Speaker 3:
Yes, I want this, Ashley. Yes, I want this. Dana, I'm going to put in money to get into this course. Then they perfect the course. They don't wait for perfection. They get in, they mess it up. They have people running through and they perfect it as time goes on with real live consumer feedback with real live customer feedback. Guys, it's really interesting because if you're ever in any of my courses, my jumpstart course, I actually leave the old videos in there to show the progress I have made and the last, but the most powerful benefit beyond the sales process is they have proven case studies, meaning clients that go through all of these coursework and they're actually getting the tangible results. They are getting the transformation with your dog training course online course, right? It's fucking beautiful. It's beautiful. So in today's podcast, today's episode, I'm going to show you how to do the three steps, very simple to creating an easy online profitable course.
Speaker 3:
Now it's not going to be had actually create one from start to finish because that's all a lot of work to do, but I'm going to give you the three simple steps so you can get on the path to creating a profitable course. And then what I'm going to do too for you guys is I'm going to actually link a pdf where you can download that and it's going to be at the door. It's going to be@thekristenlee.com slash online course where you can download this, these three steps in a pdf and grab it and go and start getting on the path of a profitable non floppy online dog training course, online dog walking course. Right? So the first step, oh, are you guys ready? Are you guys actually ready for this? Because I am. I'm like super excited because fusion courses are my jam and it is the way to freedom.
Speaker 3:
It is the way to business freedom. It is the way you can actually leverage and grow. It's the same things my clients do to make hundreds of thousands of dollars without burning out, right? Without burning out. It's what we bought. All right, so let's talk about the first step. Are you ready? Now I want you to listen very carefully. Listen to your girl here. Listen to Kristen Lee. The first step, none negotiable guys is you ready have to have unique market value as an established business, as a dog trainer, as a dog walker. Meaning if you are just getting into this, maybe it's a side hustle. You have to actually have people that are already in your programs. You already have to have some proven case results. You have to have already some transformations. People already should know who you're, who you are as a dog walker, as a dog trainer.
Speaker 3:
If you don't, that is okay. That is totally okay. Go back, download one of my marketing roadmaps or create a listened to one of my podcast with the elements of super powers or your marketing. Get that thing. Go and get your sales going and then come back and watch this because you shouldn't be creating something if you don't have clients for. Remember the first thing I talked about creating something with client. You don't know how, you don't know who's going to want this. So you need to have credible market value, meaning you know what the fuck you're doing, right? You have clients that love you and you have proven case studies. So the first step is make sure you already have credible market value. As a dog trainer, you have clients already. Basically it's a fancy first word to say. You already have clients that you can test this out on the second step to these three steps.
Speaker 3:
So go back, you have clients, cool Nicholas to those clients and make a list of those clients. Take inventory. This is the second step. Take inventory of what your past and current clients need versus versus what you think they need. Meaning go back even if they've already clicked completed a training program. Yeah, I know. Scary, right? We're going back to Pez clients and see what they actually needed. So for example, if you teach behavior model through obedience and then next step is potentially maybe color off leash work or maybe therapy dog work, go back and see what they need to get to that next level. Go back and re leverage your current existing email list. If you all have ever been in my hustle plan, this could be a hustle plan idea for you. This could be one. If you don't have an email list or a CRM guys, you gotta hit that first to get a CRM account, get a MailChimp account.
Speaker 3:
I'll link this in the pdf to have a different CRM softwares, but go back and take inventory of what they actually needed and how you created something around that. And if you, you see you can even create a diagram like I am all about the diagrams, I'm all about the keynotes and stuff like that. See where they all blend together because specifically if you are a dog trainer or a dog walker, the majority of your clients are going to have the same exact needs. For example, if you are a pack hiker, I know a lot of my listeners are pack hikers. I love you guys. By the way, you guys are amazing dog trainers. A lot of the times the dogs aren't ready to be off leash or are not sociable, right? And you probably had to do some work with them. So think about that type of stuff guys.
Speaker 3:
How you can leverage all this stuff and take the dogs to the next level by having one meaning full piece of content you can create around that and then you want to connect with them. This is the third step. You want to connect and have sales conversations. You want to be able to say, hey, so and so you are an absolutely amazing client of mine. Listen, I've been thinking about you. I've been checking in and I want to introduce you to this new program. Now, that's not how you do the sales call of course, but you want to reconnect with them and you want to sell them into this program. Make it exciting, making it cutting edge, making it where it's not about the actual stuff they're going to get, but the actual transformation and the value in what they're gonna complete after. Remember, it's not about what you're giving them.
Speaker 3:
You're not checking it off, but you're actually creating unique value around the transformation around the after store. You're going to paint them a mother fucking picture on that stuff guys. All right, so the first step, I'm going to go right through this again. Again, go to www.www.thekristenleadx.com/online courses. You can print the pdf of this, but the first step is already have unique market value. Aka you already have clients, okay? You're not just going to go and kind of try to do this and then market it and then try to get clients and at the same time, the second step is you're going to go and take inventory of what your past and current current clients need. A theme of them go through your old CRM list. If you don't have a CRM, less get a CRM, make sure you have an email database. And the third step is you're going to sell to them.
Speaker 3:
You are going to sell with them. You're not going to sell them on what they're actually getting, like they're going to get, uh, for online modules and for handouts and for group calls. No, you're not selling that. It's part of that. But you're going to create and having and conduct these amazing conversations with such unique emotional value of selling them the after story of working through this and how exciting it is to be a VIP of your Beta program. Right. How fucking awesome is that. So I'm almost done for the day actually. So you know, again guys past the temptation of spending so much time in your online course without selling it. First you need to monetize first monetize tests and then capitalize cheer market by using other unique marketing tools. But we're not going to talk about that today. All right guys, this was a good one and thank you and thank you so much for joining me today. It's just been a beautiful experience and please take this podcast episode serious because I'm sick of you guys wasting so much time and watching the world go by without actually capitalizing on it. I'll talk to you later. Bye.
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