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A Circle in a Square

Kelly Borgen

A Circle in a Square is a podcast about following your dreams and noticing how we're all connected. I live in the heart of a big small town called Orange. Its historic downtown is known as Old Towne and at the juicy center of this one square mile, you'll find a circle, right there within a square. Once upon a time, it was a mere square where people gathered known as the Plaza, but then a traffic circle was built and the debate between whether it's The Circle or it's The Plaza was born. I write about this place because it's been reborn over the last 10 years and there's a lot to say about the sense of community one square mile can bring about. But something about living in a big, small town and being connected with my community inspires me. Getting to know my neighbors, our small business owners and the people that make places so special sparks a curiosity in me to know more, to be more aware and to just talk to other people. This people connection is what drives me and if people and their stories drive you, then settle in with me as I dive into these stories that make places that curate moments that inspire.
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