A Circle in a Square

Kelly's Inspiring Story to Entrepreneurship

May 30, 2019 Kelly Borgen Season 1 Episode 2
A Circle in a Square
Kelly's Inspiring Story to Entrepreneurship
Show Notes

In the first episode, meet Kelly Borgen! Kelly is a business owner, mompreneur, sibpreneur (when siblings are also partners in business), wife, dreamer, believer, achiever, and founder of I Heart Old Towne Orange (and now she’s a podcast host, too!). In this episode, Kelly shares her passionate story on how she transitioned from employee to employer. Now, over 10 years after starting I Heart Old Towne Orange, Kelly is ready to dive into this podcast and share the stories of those she admires with YOU every week! Grab a cup of coffee, hit your morning commute, or settle in and enjoy the first episode of A Circle in a Square. 

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