A Circle in a Square

Ernie Alonzo and Charles Spratley - Ghost Stories with Haunted OC

October 30, 2019 Kelly Borgen Season 1 Episode 24
A Circle in a Square
Ernie Alonzo and Charles Spratley - Ghost Stories with Haunted OC
Show Notes

BOO! If you haven’t heard of Haunted Orange County, you’re missing out on the spook! Ernie Alonzo and Charles Spratley have been doing haunted ghost tours of Orange County cities for over 10 years! They conduct their tours year-round, rain or shine (and Kelly has done a tour in both rain AND shine!) They started their tours in Old Towne Orange when Ernie began his research on the antique shops around the Plaza and the eerie stories that would happen in them. Ernie shares that the Antique Depot consistently had the best spooky stories - which sparked the beginning of the tours. Charles started his own ghost tour company in San Diego as a passion project but moved to Orange County for a life change. He started working for Disneyland and one day, when he was talking to a park guest named Joe, he told him his interest in ghost tours. Joe ended up saying, “You need to meet my cousin Ernie!” and the rest is history. Ernie and Charles met up by the fountain in the Old Towne Orange Plaza and that’s how Haunted Orange County was born! On this episode, Kelly, Ernie and Charles discuss their outside passions, the crazy story of how they were connected, and some of their most favorite spooky ghost stories! I’m serious y’all - you won’t want to miss these very fun spooky stories from right here in our own backyard. 

Thank you, Ernie and Charles, for being our guests on the podcast! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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