A Circle in a Square

Emily Celis, LMFT - A Mental Health & Wellness Conversation

October 02, 2019 Kelly Borgen Season 1 Episode 19
A Circle in a Square
Emily Celis, LMFT - A Mental Health & Wellness Conversation
Show Notes

Emily Celis joined Kelly on the podcast this week to enlighten us with her advice, her story, and her passions. Emily is a mental health advocate, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and the executive director and co-founder of S.A.G.E. Holistic Health and Wellness in Orange, California. Her passion lies in helping others find their path in life to what they feel will create the most balance. Emily shared her journey to finding this passion with us. She said she lived in Chicago and Utah before moving to Southern California where she started working in sales and marketing. Although she was good in that career, she never felt as though it was her true life calling. In her mid-20’s, she went to therapy for the first time, which opened her eyes to the world of mental health and wellness. She enrolled back in college to finish her psychology degree, get her masters and now strives to create a community space where all are welcome to find an accepting place to build relationships with others in an environment of progressive growth! Listen in as Kelly and Emily discuss the importance of mental health and their own practices for mindfulness!

This episode was so inspirational, educational, and intriguing! I hope you all enjoy the episode and leave your feedback all over my social media! Thank you, Emily, for joining me on the podcast! 

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