A Circle in a Square

Jennifer Morris - Ajenda PR

October 09, 2019 Kelly Borgen Season 1 Episode 21
A Circle in a Square
Jennifer Morris - Ajenda PR
Show Notes

Are you ready for Washington State transplant, iPhone photographer, and all around public relations mogel Jennifer Morris? Jennifer is the founder of Ajenda Public Relations (Get it? aJENda? You get it.) in the city of Orange, California. Jennifer stumbled upon the energetic PR world very organically when she was searching for internships in college. “I didn’t know what public relations was…. I just wanted an internship!” shares Jennifer. Through exploring different interests in PR and the restaurant business, she combined her love of food and PR and founded Ajenda. She kept saying yes to opportunities that came her way - never fearing a challenge to large or too out of her comfort zone. 

Jennifer is inspiring in this way! She chased a passion which led to her running her own business and getting to employ other women with similar passions. She is celebrating 10 years of being open this year and we were so glad we could chat to celebrate this fantastic milestone. On this episode, Kelly and Jennifer discuss the challenges of running a PR firm and the amazing world of social media. Thank you for being on the podcast, Jen. Hope you all enjoy!

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