A Circle in a Square

Michelle Sullivan - Advocate Like A Mother

October 16, 2019 Kelly Borgen Season 1 Episode 21
A Circle in a Square
Michelle Sullivan - Advocate Like A Mother
Show Notes

Michelle Sullivan is the advocate behind Littlest Warrior, a platform inspired by her son, Eli. Before Michelle gave birth to her son Eli, she didn’t know much about the amazing Down Syndrome community. Now, after giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome, she has been welcomed into this warm and friendly community, and has enjoyed learning everything she can about it. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, which made it perfect to have Michelle on the podcast. Kelly and Michelle discussed Eli’s incredible story, how she has worked to create an impact in the Down Syndrome community, and how to get involved in spreading awareness. 

Michelle shared some of her favorite organizations to check out if you are interested in being more involved in the initiative. She suggests the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, Ruby’s Rainbow, Global Down Syndrome Foundation, and Letter Case. It was great to hear about resources from a trusted source, and you can view the links to these organizations below. 

Thank you so much for being on the show, Michelle! I loved hearing about your mission and passion. Enjoy the episode, everyone!

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Find Michelle’s blog, Littlest Warrior + more!

Website: https://www.littlestwarrior.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlestwarrior/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlest_warrior/

Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meeshellsullivan/

Michelle’s Podcast, Advocate Like A Mother: https://www.advocatelikeamother.org/

Apparel: https://www.littlestwarrior.com/collections/all

Children’s Book: https://amzn.to/35eG3fz

See how Eli inspired an entire clothing brand in this YouTube video:


More Resources:

DSDN: https://www.dsdiagnosisnetwork.org/

Ruby’s Rainbow: https://rubysrainbow.org/

Global Down Syndrome Foundation: https://www.globaldownsyndrome.org/

Letter Case: https://www.lettercase.org/

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