A Circle in a Square

Arianna Barrios - Communications Lab

October 23, 2019 Kelly Borgen Season 1 Episode 23
A Circle in a Square
Arianna Barrios - Communications Lab
Show Notes

Arianna Barrios is the owner of Communications Lab, wife and mother of two, an outstanding community member, AND is running for Orange City Council in 2020. If you ever need inspiration on how to live the busiest life ever, just ask Arianna and trust me, she is WINNING! Communications Lab is a marketing communication firm that specializes in public agencies - which has expanded past Orange County into Los Angeles and San Bernardino. Arianna is truly a woman of many crafts - and with so much insight. I consider Arianna as “Orange home-grown” as it gets because she was born here, went to Orange High School, and now lives in her childhood home. Her business is run out of Orange and she truly feels - after much moving around - that this is where she and her husband are meant to be. 

At the start of the episode, Arianna jumps into the rich and beautiful history of the Old Towne historic district and why people love being a part of the community. Later in the show, Arianna and Kelly transition into a discussion of Chapman University’s influence on the Orange community, Arianna’s ideology behind her campaign for city council, and how to find community in the place you live! Thank you for being on the podcast, Arianna! Enjoy!

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