A Circle in a Square

What's Juicy with Marni Regan

May 05, 2020 Kelly Borgen Season 2 Episode 3
A Circle in a Square
What's Juicy with Marni Regan
Show Notes

On this episode of A Circle in a Square, Alex chats with Marni Regan, the owner, operator, and head designer of A Garden Bouquet in Orange. A Garden Bouquet is a full-service florist that just opened a flower stand on Glassell and Maple right outside of The Filling Station. 

Marni’s joy for flowers came from her college job at Fashion Island, and she continued to dabble in her passion as a hobby by creating floral arrangements for family and friends. After pursuing a career in interior design for 20 years, Marni decided to go back to her first love and open a flower shop in Newport Beach. After her business became a wild success in Newport, Marni decided she needed a change of scenery. She sold the flower stand and moved her family to Hawaii!  

After almost a year of soaking up the Hawaiin sun rays, Marni felt homesick and decided to move back to her hometown of Orange. When she visited the Plaza, she loved the feel and sense of community in Old Town Orange but noticed there was a need for a flower stand. She noticed there wasn’t anything like it in the area and felt like it would be the perfect addition to this cute area. She went to work and partnered with The Filling Station to become the first official street vendor in Orange! She hopes her business paves the way for other companies to become street vendors in our quaint little community.


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Marni Regan, Owner and Head Designer of A Garden Bouquet:

Website: https://agardenbouquet.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agardenbouquet/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/agardenbouquet/

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