A Circle in a Square

Our Inspirational Baking Wiz Heather McLeod - Peeling Back the Layers

July 14, 2020 Kelly Borgen Season 2 Episode 13
A Circle in a Square
Our Inspirational Baking Wiz Heather McLeod - Peeling Back the Layers
Show Notes

Heather McLeod has always been a pug-lover. She had a pug growing up and when she became an adult, before she knew it she had three pugs. One day, she had a friend visit her and spend the night. In the morning, she made her friend breakfast with a note, “Welcome to the Three Pug Inn,” and the name stuck! This led Heather to become the professional baker, entrepreneur, and kitchen wiz she is today! She is the owner of Three Pug Bakery, a full service bakery and catering company. She has hosted events at the Dizzy Daisy and caters her delicious treats all over Orange County. 

Through her time in the hospitality industry, Heather learned many lessons about empathy, and shared her perspective with us. Due to COVID-19, she has been able to shift her focus from her day job and focus so much of her attention on Three Pug Bakery. 

“We love being inspired by you. Unleash our imagination and let us create custom items and menus tailor made for you.  Specializing in healthy comfort, vegan and all around tail waggin’ cuisine,” Heather shares on the website. During COVID-19, you can place orders for delivery online at the link below!

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