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Darien Gold

Darien Gold, producer, writer, editor and host of the podcast, ALL THINGS PILATES brings her style and interviewing skills she developed as a radio show host. Her intention is to reach a larger audience and give greater exposure to guests who knew or worked with Joseph Pilates. In addition, First, Second and Third Generation instructors are also featured who are passionate about the Pilates philosophy, tradition and principles. Listeners can also hear those in complementary health fields such as Gyrotonic, yoga, podiatry and chiropractic. Considered now to be a global phenomenon, the Pilates method is profoundly changing both the wellness and fitness landscapes and with the ALL THINGS PILATES podcast, many of these professionals helping to make those changes possible will have their contributions preserved. Darien was the first Second Generation Classical Pilates instructor to present the traditional Intermediate Mat repertoire in an app, "Studio Darien Pilates." It was also selected by Pilates Style Magazine in 2010 as one of the Top 10 Best DVDs of the Year. Two years later, Pilates Style Magazine selected her second app, "Studio Darien Advanced Pilates" for the same honor. These two apps can be purchased on the App Store and Google Play. For more information:
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