All Things Pilates with Darien Gold - Pilates Expert

John Vignola ~ Pilates Civilian

October 18, 2022 John Vignola Season 4 Episode 70
All Things Pilates with Darien Gold - Pilates Expert
John Vignola ~ Pilates Civilian
All Things Pilates with Darien Gold
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Show Notes

This podcast has featured First Generation Pilates teachers, Second Generation teachers, authors, photographers, equipment owners and even a Pilates historian, but I’ve yet to feature just a regular guy who has taken a liking to the Pilates method. I thought it might be interesting for us to hear from a Pilates civilian, if you will, who also happens to be my BIL - brother-in-law, John Vignola or JV, as everyone calls him.

When I was healing from Covid, my sister and JV were so gracious in allowing me to recover at their house. On the days I felt strong enough, I’d work with JV and teach him some of the mat exercises and stretches to help him free up his chronic achy low back. As an lifelong athlete, beginning with high school and college gymnastics, JV spent decades weight training and body building. However, a sports injury he sustained over 28 years ago never fully healed, that is, until I introduced him to the Pilates mat work. Stunned by the immediate results, JV wanted more and joined one of my weekly mat classes.

For those of you who may have people in your lives that still think Pilates is really best suited for professional dancers or athletes, please have them listen to this interview. This episode is dedicated to just regular guys and gals, who if interested in devoting time and effort, will get tremendous benefits thru practicing the Pilates Method. You might say, this Method is your true friend with benefits!

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