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Pat Guyton ~ In the Elder’s words

November 01, 2022 Pat Guyton Season 4 Episode 71
All Things Pilates with Darien Gold - Pilates Expert
Pat Guyton ~ In the Elder’s words
All Things Pilates with Darien Gold
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Show Notes

Second Generation Pilates instructors, like myself are referred to as such because we’ve had the privilege of learning the Method from one of Joseph Pilates’ disciples. But there are a handful of us who have had the opportunity to work with more than one disciple and and one of those instructor’s is my guest today. Her name is Pat Guyton. Though Pat wouldn’t begin her Pilates journey until 1984, she actually met Bruce King 1976, the first of 3 Joe Pilates disciples that she would eventually, work with. Then in 1992, she met and began learning Pilates with the second disciple, Kathy Grant and then Ron Fletcher in 1995 - these 3 First Generation teachers, among others who studied with Joe, are known to us as the Pilates Elders. Of the three teachers, Ron Fletcher had the biggest impact on Pat. She spent thirteen years working for and along side him. She completed over 90 workshops from 1995 - 2006. So impressed Ron was in Pat’s diligence and hard work, she became a senior teacher, then he named her master teacher as well as an assistant for his Ron Fletcher method. She was also awarded a Certificate of Merit by Ron in 1997 and 2006.
Pat is a published author, a Level Three Franklin Method educator, an alumni board member of the PMA and spent a decade as a registered physical medicine assistant at Boulder Osteopathic Center.
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