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Super Professor AKA Clemons Kunkel. I am Proud to be Part of the resistance against peeping trump. I also have some of My Books "Keys to Unlocking the Universe" and CD called "Keys to Unlocking the Universe" on Amazon. There are also to CD's on Self Help first is "Dream Your Dreams" the second is "New Keys to Self Help" I also interview business people and high achievers that push themselves farther, because they believe they can be more, and then they go after their dreams and study and learn new skills to get them to where they want to be. Sometimes it not about the money, it about having fun and helping others to get to their goals. Darius said his mom says we all have a Voice. So I have a question for you? Have you found your Voice? It could be you are a singer like Darius or it could be you like to run marathon like Kerry. Never think that you are not someone special because I can guarantee you that you already are in someone else’s eyes. It could be your little sister or brother that see you as a hero... and they want to be just like you, because you are their HERO. Maybe your Mom or Dad are super proud of who you are. Although they never told you, but they tell all their friends. I know if you think about it you have heroes in your life that you try to follow right? Always live your dreams because someone wants to be like you, so make it a good life. I myself have four books coming out and this is just one way to market the books. If you are thinking of self-publishing a book, check out They are Awesome. They walk you through the publishing process step by step. My first book is a self-help called “Three Steps to Self Help (Dissipating Fear Anxiety And Nightmares)”. In one of my podcasts, I talk about when I was approximately 16 years old, something tragic happened to me, which change my life for the better. The whole story is in my self-help book. I also show you how to remove nightmares, I taught myself this trick when I was 12. I never have nightmares and you can also be like me. My second book which is my baby, is my science book. I talk about not one big bang but two, a merging of two universes, which make up the one universe we see today. I have over 41 points of empirical evidence to validate the theory. Things like the Great Wall, Great Attractor, MACHO, blue shift, and the Great Void are only a few of the things in space I explain in the book called “Keys to Unlocking the Universe”. My third book is a children’s books call “Galactic Keys”. Sometimes science is just too boring, so I am tiring to make it fun. It starts out on a world with a princess called “Princess Leona of the Leona,” the most advanced race of.My new podcast is Against Peeping trump because kids matter. I am sick that peeping trump is in office after bragging on Howard Stern Radio that he has the right to walk in on Children changing Clothes, He is SICK and If you Like him You are SICK. Stop the Sick people, protect all the Children.................................

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