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Ever wondered what a doctor really thinks of the latest health crazes, the anti-vax movement and vegan diets? Join Dr Polyvios, a doctor who discusses everyday topics in health, fitness and mental wellbeing including health issues that can affect all of us in today’s society.

By teaming up with special guests and experts in their field, this podcast also provides an insight into medical life and its challenges including work related stress and burnout. All from a light-hearted but opinionated doctor’s perspective.

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*Disclaimer* Please note that all opinions and the content of this Podcast represent those of the host and the show's guests. The content of this podcast is for informational and/or entertainment purposes only and should not replace the medical advice given to you by your own GP/doctor. Please ensure you seek medical advice from your own doctor or healthcare professional if you have any concerns regarding your health or have any medical questions. Under no circumstances shall the Podcast's host or guests be responsible for any damages arising from the use of the Podcast.

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