A Doctor's View

Burnout - An expert's perspective

October 16, 2019 Episode 24
A Doctor's View
Burnout - An expert's perspective
A Doctor's View
Burnout - An expert's perspective
Oct 16, 2019 Episode 24
Dr Polyvios
A fascinating episode bringing two prominent advocates for helping those suffering with stress and burnout.
Show Notes

A fascinating episode bringing together two prominent advocates for helping those suffering with stress and burnout.

In November 2018 a kind and compassionate cardiologist who excelled in his work and was loved by both patients and colleagues alike sadly, as a consequence of work related burnout tragically took his own life. In August of this year, I published a podcast episode on burnout where I interviewed his brother, Amandip Sidhu who shared his story with the show.

Link here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/342848/1509820-the-devastating-effect-of-burnout-a-real-life-story

 I am once again joined by Amandip who is now an advocate for personal wellbeing and has set up a charity called doctors in distress to not only help doctors suffering from burnout but to help educate employers in how to avoid such tragedies from happening again in the future.

I am also joined by Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor who is one of the foremost experts in burnout. Sonia has worked at the interface between career/performance and health/wellbeing for 30 years and has assisted some of the most burnt out people on the planet move through burnout effectively and either resume or change their careers.

In 2017 she set up Burnout Geese for all industries - a platform for sharing her unique perspectives on burnout causes and prevention as well as offering thought provoking innovation on burnout resolution.

Amandip's Website

Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor's Website

Burnout Survey Link for medics:

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Speak in confidence: The British Medical Association (BMA) offers a 24/7 confidential support line:


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