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On My Box #15 - Comic Book Movies with William Demeritt

August 25, 2019 Joe Greene / William DeMeritt Season 1 Episode 15
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On My Box #15 - Comic Book Movies with William Demeritt
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Show Notes

My FAVORITE Actor of all-time, WILLIAM DEMERITT, makes a guest appearance to talk Comic Book Movies. Taking time between his performances at the 2019 Oregon Shakespeare Festival, we reflect on the previous episode's topic (5 Worst Comic Book Movies) by having Bill give his 5 Worst Comic Book Movies.
Bill also takes time to discuss the Comic Book Movies released in 2019; Shazam, Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Avengers Endgame. We take some time to discuss the latest DC Animated Movie, Batman: Hush, ***SPOILERS*** and continue to talk about upcoming Comic Book Movies, Wonder Woman 84 and Marvel's Studios Phase 4.

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