Church in the Peak

11/12/2022 // Shoes Of Peace // Neal Garratt

December 11, 2022 Church in the Peak
Church in the Peak
11/12/2022 // Shoes Of Peace // Neal Garratt
Show Notes

Ephesians 6 vs 10-18 – The armour of God.

Terry Virgo quote from this week

Christians are warned to put on the armour. Why? Because we live in a dangerous war zone! Powerful enemies can ruin your life. To ignore the armour that God has provided is foolish, risky bravado. God’s protection isn’t a cosmetic you can do without!!

Vs 15 – “For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the good news so that you will be fully prepared”

Shoes are important – they protect your feet, keep them safe, warm and protected and if you have the wrong shoes in a particular situation it can be a disaster.

The Roman shoes were made of leather and brass and were strong but not so heavy as movement was as important as stability. They had a large stud on the bottom of the shoe rather like a football boot which meant you could stand firm but also could be used to push off and aided movement – this is what the Roman soldier needed and this is what Paul suggests we need as well.

We stand in the good news of the gospel, the peace that Jesus died to bring to us – we stand in the truth of our position in Christ and from that position are able to share the gospel of peace with others.


Romans 5 vs 1-2

This is our position and where we stand In Christ and remember that we are in Ephesians and Paul has spent the whole of chapter 2 explaining about where we were and where we are now?

Once you were dead in your sins – now you have been made alive in Christ Jesus. He saved you by his grace when you believed.


You were outsiders – living apart from Christ – excluded – without God and without hope – You have been brought near to God through the blood of Christ – for Christ himself has brought peace to us.


Ephesians 2 vs 17


This good news is the same good news that we bring when we tell others the gospel message.


Isaiah 52 vs 7


After a victorious battle the messengers would return from the battlefield bringing good news of victory and that the King would be returning – Hence the reference to the messengers here – But this is the same news we have to bring to the world – Jesus has the victory over sin and death and the King is coming back!

Jesus returns to Nazareth and goes to the synagogue to read from the scriptures and he reads the following from 


Isaiah 61 vs 1-2


What a moment that must have been in the temple – the prophetic scripture from Isaiah fulfilled in their midst – How powerful and amazing! – and this is the still the gospel message today –


He is still bringing good news to the poor

Captives can still be released 

The blind can still see – both spiritually and physically

The oppressed can be set free in 2022 as it is still the year of the Lord’s favour, until he comes again. This is the gospel message that we need to be ready and willing to share – it is good news!



Romans 10 vs 9

Vs 13


We have been sent! Jesus said go into all the world and preach the gospel – and Paul reconfirms this in Corinthians,


2 Corinthians 5 vs 19-21


This is the message we have – this is the gospel of peace – That Jesus came to reconcile us to God and make peace with God through his sacrifice.  Want to have beautiful feet? Then be God’s messenger of good news!!




Read Ephesians chapter 2 


Write your 2 minute testimony – It’s not as easy as it seems – and be prepared to share it with others