Church in the Peak

05/02/23 // Standing // Lesley Watmore

February 11, 2023 Church in the Peak
Church in the Peak
05/02/23 // Standing // Lesley Watmore
Show Notes

Life is not always as we would choose it to be  whether saved or not  but as christians we are also aware of Satans schemes he cannot take us from Christ. John 10 v 29    but he does try to destroy our faith and walk            
     Ephesus  a culture with similarities to the world today  see any ?  
     the enemy the same.
 Ephesians - our standing in Christ  what has been done for us .
  Instructions on   how to be to each other , as men and women and children . To live in righteousness and unity in the faith. Our battle is not against each other . It’s spiritual . 
  We are ambassadors for Christ to bring the message of reconciliation and peace with God to the lost . 
  Finally to stand in these truths of who we are in Christ 
 David when faced with Goliaths insults and threats  knew Gods faithful love and power so knew his ability to defeat the enemy . 
  Picture of bouncy castle and trying to stand while fighting with swords . 
  Question. What are you standing on .  
  Jesus.            Luke        6  v 4
  Moses.           Deut.     32 v 3-4 
  Hannah        1 Sam.       2  v  1-2
  David              Psalm.   18. v  1-3
                                         40 v  1-2
  Isaiah            Isaiah.      26 v  3-4 
 God is a rock    solid , unshakable , ever present , merciful   faithful  foundation on which to build our lives on which to stand on 
 What is the foundation to your life ?
 what do you stand on in trouble  ?
  Are you standing on the Rock eternal Is Jesus the Cornerstone the sure foundation on which you build ?
  Is your life anchored on the solid unshakable protective all merciful love of God our Father through Christ our one and only Saviour . ? 
  Are you fully persuaded or wavering .? 
  Who do you trust to stand with you when you wobble  ?  Do you stand with other when they wobble ? 
   Other scripture I used ; 
    Micah       7 v 8 
    Psalm.   42 v 5 
                 144 v 1-2