Church in the Peak

167/04/2023 // If My People - Prayer and Repentance // Paul Blecker

April 16, 2023 Church in the Peak
Church in the Peak
167/04/2023 // If My People - Prayer and Repentance // Paul Blecker
Show Notes

When I get woken up during the night, I now get up and pray about the things going through my mind.

Phil 4 v19 Sometimes we are fearful to approach God because we think we are not good enough. He wants us to connect with him in everything, finding our keys or finding our way out of a treacherous storm. We can pray about minor worries as well as major struggles. It’s not about the size of the issue but maintaining our relationship with God.

God’s response to Solomon’s prayer in 2 Chronicles 7.
Does that “If my people” include us today?
We can apply this to ourselves. We have chosen to fully submit ourselves to GOD & have accepted that all our mistakes & Sins have been dealt with by Jesus perfect sacrifice on the cross. God’s people are those who worship Him, who accept & follow the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour, men & women who are truly His. 1 Peter 2:9-10

Am I, really ready to Humble myself?
Those who are humble know what it means to grieve over their sins and the sins of others. Humility means we are utterly dependent on God, the opposite of pride. John 4v16.

Are we ready to pray both individually and corporately – for prayer to be the first thing we try rather than the last when we are struggling with a problem? We need to pray individually, but we need to be willing to gather together in corporate prayer as well. Ephesians 6v18. When I get a prayer request am I willing to stop what I’m doing to spend time praying about it. Do I take time to follow-up with people I’m praying for?

Am I ready to really seek the face of God - Jerimiah 29v13 
When we seek His face, we see His holiness and love, which exposes our sin & selfishness. We come with adoration, praise and worship. We are changed and want to love Him more dearly & walk with Him more intimately.

Will we turn from our wicked ways?
The human race is infected with a disease called “Personal Pronounitus” to put it more simply; we suffer from “I disease”. I want this, why do I have to do that etc. I was reminded of the many mistakes made in my 50 years of being a Christian. I had to accept that it was down to my sinful behaviour, my ability to make excuses & never dealing with the issues.
Psalm 139 esp v 23&24 - Rev 3v20
If Jesus Came To Your House - by Lois Blanchard Eades 

Picture Jesus standing at the door with Mop / bucket to help clean up the mess. What messes would that be for you? Unforgiveness? Issues in your marriage? Drugs or alcohol? Some are plain to see but for many of us, we are better at hiding them & pretending everything is ok. God wants you to be honest with yourself & allow Him in to start working on those things.
God’s loving response - then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land This is the true nature of God’s Love for us and God will always respond to us.
Are we willing to respond?
Are we ready to be shown clearly our sin? We know that God has forgiven us this morning so you can grasp the truth of 1 John 1
v 9 
How good are we at putting it into practice? When I’m struggling how willing am I to seek someone out and talk about my problem and seek help. How often do I just make excuses for myself? It takes time & effort to finally break free. Do we need to remind ourselves afresh that “I am forgiven?”, that I can come to God & Know I am accepted.
Father God our land needs you – but even more that that we need you come and speak afresh to us this morning. 
Will you help me to bow the knee once more and truly dedicate my life 100% to you. 
Would you come now and reveal more of Jesus to us as we respond to your Holy Spirit. 
Will you come once more and knock on the door of our lives and may we be ready to open the door and allow you into every single bit of our lives.