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EP 34 Paige's Beach Adventure (Part 2) Costa Rica!

December 25, 2021 Paige Friend
The Beach Speaks
EP 34 Paige's Beach Adventure (Part 2) Costa Rica!
Show Notes

Hello Beach Lovers! 2021 is almost over and I’m in a bit of a scramble to wrap up this episode - part 2 of my recent Beach Travel Adventure - and send to your earbuds before it’s 2022!

In this episode I attempt to recap the beauty and wonder of 12 days in Costa Rica with my dear friend and luxury travel specialist, Judi ( who just so happened to plan the whole trip for me and my husband) - the honeymoon we didn’t get to take, since we got married right before the pandemic lockdown in 2020. 

We talk about:
The benefits of choosing a vacation specialist
Boutique hotels and all-inclusive resorts
Luxurious living while being totally immersed in nature with Monkeys, Sloths and tropical birds
Hiking in the Rainforest, Waterfalls, Volcanoes and, of course. . .
The Beach!

It was so difficult to pare it down to just the highlights (we did a LOT in 12 days) and interestingly enough, what I thought would be just a fun recap of a vacation adventure actually turned out to be a deeper conversation about connection: to ourselves, to the world and to our vision, and how to recreate that experience of peace, ease and wonder in our everyday life - once the vacation is over. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation and that, after listening, you would think about what you can do in the year ahead to:

Re-connect with the beach
Return to your soul and
Re-imagine your life…

Right where you are.

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