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The Live Love and Eat Show

Bernadine Otto

Welcome to our new show The Live Love and Eat Show.​The Live Love and Eat Podcast is all about Health and Wellness.  We interview health experts who have all overcome their own personal life and health challenges.  Learn all about health, fitness, nutrition, Spirituality, wellness and so much more.​This podcast will change the way you Live Love and Eat.  ​​

Recent Episodes

Episode 21: Take back control of your life, feel younger and create a life you love By Austin Jewell November 22, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 20: Training and recovering stroke survivors By Tracy MarkleyJune 19, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 19: How to create an authentically happy life and re-optimize your lifestyle for success By Alex BalesMay 13, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 18: Busy women, Smart Food Choices and Creating Healthy Habits By Lindsay Young February 25, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 17 Astrology with Linda WatsonFebruary 03, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 16: Overcoming Compulsive Overeating Disorder By Azure Moyna November 03, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 15: Physical therapy, nutrition, stress, injuries and lifestyle By Dr Danielle LitoffOctober 22, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 14: Binge Eating, Body Confidence and Self Love By Victoria KleinsmanSeptember 30, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 13: Wellness, Nutritious Cooking and Essential Oils with Anisha AnandJuly 08, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 12: Heal your relationship with energy healing with Mark SempleJune 11, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 11: Embrace and Grow with Mind, Body, Spirit and Feng Shui By Kim KleinMay 06, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 10: Shining Light through divorce by Wendy SterlingApril 15, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 9: How Highly Sensitive Women Can Protect their Energy and Set Healthy Boundaries By Lori BootyMarch 24, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 8: Love Yourself Now as Opposed to Waiting Till When You Get There By Kalpana PatelFebruary 12, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 7: How to raise your vibrational state so that you can experience more confidence and clarity in your life By Jace Jacobs January 28, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 6: Thyroid Health, Symptoms and Testing By Adrienne KleinNovember 25, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 5: Keys to Sustainable weight loss and how to stay on trackOctober 31, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 4: Healing from Anxiety, Stress and Depression by Dr. Teralyn SellOctober 14, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 3: The Root Cause to Why People Complain and How you can Change your Mindset by Amberlin HarrisonSeptember 24, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 2: How to Change your Mindset around Money with Sherry ParksAugust 01, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 1: Change your way of living healthy by using mindset, nutrition and fitness with Ryan WhiteJune 07, 2019 Episode artwork