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Body Learning: The Alexander Technique
The Development of the Alexander Technique - An Alternative Perspective- Part 1
June 16, 2018 Mastaneh Nazarian and Jeando Masoero
Jeando Masoero speaks with Mastaneh Nazarian about the work of F.M. Alexander, its origins and its evolutions. The process of finding out how learning and teaching happen take Mr. Masoreo to discover interrelations between aspects of the work such individuals as Pierre Janet, Lev Vygotsky, Nikolai Bernstein, Fran├žois Delsarte and of F.M. Alexander. Along the way Jeando shares aspects of how he teaches individuals to teach themselves in the simple, practical and essential art of learning to expand self imposed limits through everyday activities. Jeando's website: Mastaneh's website: More information about the Alexander Technique: You can learn how to support this and other Alexander Technique websites at
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