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The Holistic Human Optimization Show

Ronnie Landis

The Holistic Human Optimization Show, hosted by innovative nutritionist & visionary leadership coach Ronnie Landis, is a podcast unlike any other that features some of the worlds leading thinkers, researchers, philosophers, scientists, doctors, and visionaries who share their insights and wisdom on topics relating to holistic health, natural nutrition, alternative healing, integrative psychology, emotional wellness and intelligence, the mind-body connection, sacred and intimate relationships, plant medicines, metaphysics and spirituality, conscious entrepreneurship, and living life to the absolute fullest. You will receive so much invaluable insights, perspectives, and practical strategies for upgrading your human experience in every area of your life and becoming the greatest version of yourself. Your Journey Begins.. NOW!

Recent Episodes

176 | Christine Hassler: How to Overcome Anything in Your LifeMay 19, 2019 Episode artwork Mastering the Energy of Money & Abundance | Ronnie Landis May 18, 2019 Episode artwork 175 | Diane Kazer: The Truth about Breast Implants & Toxic ShameMay 12, 2019 Episode artwork 174: Stefanos Sifandos: Becoming an Evolutionary Human BeingMay 05, 2019 Episode artwork 173 | Paul Chek: The Psycho-Emotional-Physical Integration of Holistic HealthApril 29, 2019 Episode artwork 172 | Noa Lakshmi: The Spiritual Connection Between Money & HealthApril 23, 2019 Episode artwork Holistic Human Optimization | Ronnie Landis interviewed by LA Talk RadioMarch 25, 2019 Episode artwork 171 | Brendon Marotto: The Truth about Circumcision & "Toxic" Masculinity in AmericaFebruary 10, 2019 Episode artwork 170 | Charles Clay: How Our Body Heals Itself By Listening to It's MessagesFebruary 10, 2019 Episode artwork 169 | Dr. Dan Engle: How to Heal the Human Being Mentally, Emotionally, & PhysicallyFebruary 10, 2019 Episode artwork 168 | Spencer Mack: Plant Based Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Overcoming AddictionsFebruary 05, 2019 Episode artwork 167 | Amy Venner Hamdi: The Organic Super Foods RevolutionJanuary 30, 2019 Episode artwork Breaking Out of the Matrix | Ronnie Landis Interviewed on the Unslaved Podcast with Michael TsarionJanuary 15, 2019 Episode artwork 166 | Michael Tsarion: Self Sovereignty, Timeless Mind, & Ageless Body WisdomJanuary 09, 2019 Episode artwork 165 | Rama Achala: The Healing Power of Shamanism and Plant Medicines January 03, 2019 Episode artwork 2019 | Full Moon | Winter Solstice | New Year Healing Message For Humanity | Ronnie Landis Talk ||December 24, 2018 Episode artwork How to Alleviate Suffering on the Planet | Ronnie Landis Live LectureDecember 20, 2018 Episode artwork 164 | Cassie Bjork: New Rules about Food, Weight Loss, and HealthDecember 17, 2018 Episode artwork 163 | Richard Rudd & Nick Good: The Greatest Spiritual Awakening of All TimeDecember 09, 2018 Episode artwork Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil | Ronnie Landis Live Interview by Roxanne Ruby November 16, 2018 Episode artwork How to Make the Most of Your Time, Energy, & Life | Ronnie Landis November 14, 2018 Episode artwork 162 | Michael Tsarion: The Truth about Self Reliance & Spiritual TransformationNovember 07, 2018 Episode artwork 161 | Josh Trent: The Physical & Emotional Intelligence for Holistic WellnessOctober 15, 2018 Episode artwork The Pathology of Fear & How to Cure It | Ronnie Landis October 10, 2018 Episode artwork 160 | Marci Lock: The Mental & Emotional Connection to Physical HealthOctober 04, 2018 Episode artwork

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