Blooming Boomers, Late Bloomers of Autumn and Winter Podcast

S3 E4 - Creativity at a Mature Age

November 10, 2020 Day's Lee;; Anna - podcast co-host and producer; Mirella - podcast co-host; Nick - podcast audio/editor (please see below for more about the podcast and us). Season 3 Episode 4
Blooming Boomers, Late Bloomers of Autumn and Winter Podcast
S3 E4 - Creativity at a Mature Age
Show Notes

In this episode, Anna and Mirella talk to guest, Day's Lee, who explains how she has expressed her creativity at writing and films relatively later in life.  Day's talks about her beginnings  starting with a degree in journalism,  tells what kind of stories she has written, her inspiration, what it's been like for her to get her recent documentary done and what had motivated her.  She also talks about some of the benefits of writing, making films when more mature in age, and offers realistic encouragement to anyone wishing to start their creative journey at more mature years - it is never too late.

A bit about Day's Lee -

Day’s Lee is an author who has just completed her first documentary entitled Meet and Eat at Lee’s Garden. It is about her family’s restaurant, Lee’s Garden, and other Chinese-Canadian restaurants in Montreal in the 1950s. The documentary will look at the history behind the restaurants, the food they served and what they mean to the Chinese and Jewish communities.  

 The documentary will air on the CBC program Absolutely Canadian on Saturday, November 14th at 7p.m. in the province of Quebec only. It will be available for streaming in the rest of Canada on CBC’s GEM app as of Friday, November 13th. 

 Her children’s picture book The Fragrant Garden, short story collection, The Red Pagoda and Other Storiesand young adult novel Guitar Hero tell stories about the Chinese-Canadian community. Growing up in Montreal, she realized that her parents’ generation didn’t have a voice. Language and cultural barriers prevented them from telling their stories of life, loss and disappointment. Lee writes fiction and non-fiction to share their stories and a history that is slowly fading from the public’s memory. 




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