Blooming Boomers, Late Bloomers of Autumn and Winter Podcast

S3 E5 - Fraud Prevention Tips for Seniors

November 26, 2020 Frank Runles;; Anna - podcast co-host and producer; Mirella - podcast co-host; Nick - podcast audio/editor (please see below for more about the podcast and us). Season 3 Episode 5
Blooming Boomers, Late Bloomers of Autumn and Winter Podcast
S3 E5 - Fraud Prevention Tips for Seniors
Show Notes

Anna and Mirella talk to former FBI agent Frank Runles. Frank describes the type of scams out there, especially those targeting seniors, how to detect a scam,   a typical scam artist profile, and what preventive measures you can take to not end a victim of fraud.

A bit  of back ground on  Frank Runles:
Mr.  Frank Runles was a Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for more than 21 years. During his tenure with the FBI, Frank investigated a wide variety of criminal matters to include organized crime, financial institution fraud, health care fraud, labor racketeering, kidnappings, and serial murders. During his investigative career, Frank conducted more than 1,000 interviews both internationally and domestic. 

 Frank also served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Virginia as part of the FBI National Academy. In this role, Mr. Runles instructed more than 900 Secret Service, U.S. Marshal Service, Department of Homeland Security Agents, and other U.S. and international senior law enforcement officers on Advanced Interview Techniques and Forensic Statement Analysis.  Frank was also the Lead Instructor for new FBI agents, instructing courses on Interviewing and Interrogations, Detection of Deception, and Intelligence Collection Techniques.  In a similar role, Frank taught these same courses for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) State Security Division Investigators and Intelligence Officers.

 Frank was also selected by the FBI for overseas duty. In this role, Frank worked with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and with the CIA and Joint Special Operations Forces in Iraq conducting intelligence debriefings of hundreds of foreign fighters captured during combat operations. Frank also served for 10 years on the FBI SWAT team, including in the role of Sniper Team Leader.

 Frank is the host of the “Lies People Tell” podcast, where each week he teaches how to know when you are being deceived using Deceptive Language Analysis.
You can listen to his podcast at:

Below are several links Frank thought would be helpful, especially for those of you residing in the United States, although similar/equivalent resources are likely available in other countries as well.

National Center for Victims of Crime:

 The National Center for Elder Abuse:

 Federal Trade Commission:

 The National Association of Adult Protective Services:

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