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The Overcast Show with Carlos L. Malone

Carlos L. Malone Sr.

A thought provoking and life challenging conversations that are designed to disrupt your non productive comforts. Carlos Malone is a no holds bar, no excuses kind of inspirer. He believes that being intentional is productive and being over reactive is counter productive. You will be charged up, challenged and changed once you encounter the wealth of wisdom and the dropping of nurturing nuggets that are constantly spewing from the mind and mouth of this motivator. He makes the application of truth a simplistic undertaking and not a complicated traumatic and stressful experience. Carlos Malone makes life a dream to be enjoyed not a nightmare to be feared. His spiritual and intellectual prowess will help you uncover and expose your fears, discover your God-given gifts and talents, recover from your setbacks and takeover your personal life and live above all uncertainties regarding your life’s purpose.Let Overcast be a guiding reference that helps to change the outlook that you have of your life. Remember life is how you interpret it not always how it is presented to you. Overcast will help you to redefine complex situations in your life, not by you turning your head in denial but rather you empowering your mind through positive development strategies. Join the cast and be a part of a life changing production.