May the Record Reflect

9. The Other “Bar” Association: Alcoholism in the Legal Community, with DeAnna Crosby

July 07, 2020 National Institute for Trial Advocacy Episode 9
May the Record Reflect
9. The Other “Bar” Association: Alcoholism in the Legal Community, with DeAnna Crosby
Show Notes

A joint ABA/Hazelden study in 2016 found significant rates of anxiety, depression, suicide, alcoholism, and addiction among licensed, employed lawyers in America. In Episode 9, we hear from DeAnna Crosby, addictions specialist and clinical director of a dual-diagnosis treatment clinic in Southern California, about the unique caretaking responsibilities that make lawyers susceptible to anxiety, depression, and self-medication and what resources are available to create a life beyond the bottle. 


3:45     Statistics on addiction and mental illness among lawyers

5:55     Lawyers and vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout

9:26     Drinking “trends” 

10:52  Self-medication

15:02  Dual diagnoses of substance abuse and mental illness

16:22  Knowing if you have a drinking problem

18:52  Lawyers and other gold-collar professionals

20:54  Drinking at law school

22:13  Generational issues

25:40  Managing sobriety

28:23  Genograms

32:08  Prevalence of alcohol

35:01  Distress tolerance

39:00  Favorite resources

45:38  Signature signoff question



“One of the things that’s interesting is so many people when they get sober, they say, ‘Everyone’s gonna know. Everyone’s gonna know that I’m not drinking, and what am I gonna say?’ Most people don’t care. Most people are so obsessed with themselves that they don’t even notice that you’re not drinking.” DeAnna Crosby


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