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High Performance Pathways

Court Whitman

High Performance Pathways is a purpose-built and specially selected collection of someone’s experience as they discuss how they understand, chase & discover high performance in their life. This content is collected during a One-on-One interview and then shared with you. Why? Because I believe everyone has a different pathway to high performance. And hearing about the paths that other professional’s have journeyed along is informative and inspiring. During each episode of High Performance Pathways it is my intent to do 5 things for you… #1 - Connect – you to someone else to build relationship. #2 - Question – to understand. #3 - Share – to raise perspective. #4 - Teach – to increase competence. And #5 - Inspire – to trigger growth. One additional note to cover as you continue listening...this webcast is raw. Meaning, there is no post-production editing. We record live and deliver it to you exactly as it was recorded.
Katherine Blackwell - Super Talented Therapist and Founder of Blackwell Mental Performance (Season 3, Episode #50)March 03, 2021 Episode artwork Elaine & Heath Brewer - Couple, Veteran, Founders of Humble Warrior Wellness Center (Season 3, Episode #49)February 19, 2021 Episode artwork Jen Griswold - Air Force Veteran, Author and Serial Entrepreneur (Season 3, Episode #48)January 29, 2021 Episode artwork Ryan Cole - Marine, CounterIntelligence & Human Intelligence Expert and Founder Condition 1 Coffee Company (Season 3, Episode #47)January 15, 2021 Episode artwork Daniel Calbi - Army Special Operation Veteran & MBA Candidate at Columbia School of Business (Season 3, Episode #46)January 06, 2021 Episode artwork Noel Bulger - Marine Veteran, Executive Leadership and Career transition coach & Entrepreneur (Season 2, Episode #45)December 23, 2020 Episode artwork Jonathan de Potter - Plant Medicine Advocate & Founder at Behold Retreats (Season 2, Episode #44)December 16, 2020 Episode artwork Jeff Carlson - College Baseball player, USCG Veteran, Special Agent, and Regional DIR of Security for Latin America & Caribbean. (Season 2, Episode #43)December 03, 2020 Episode artwork Michael J. Penney - US Marine Veteran, Certified Combat Marksmanship Coach, Speaker, Author and Advisor to 5Paragraph.com (Season 2, Episode #42)November 19, 2020 Episode artwork Garret Harrell - US Marine Veteran, The Honor Foundation Fellow and President & Principal Consultant at Southern Cross Leadership Solutions (Season 2, Episode #41)November 11, 2020 Episode artwork Rob Campbell - Army Veteran, Speaker, Author & founder of Rob Campbell Leadership (Season 2, Episode #40).November 04, 2020 Episode artwork Mack Brunson - 20 year Navy Veteran and VP-level manager at PNC Bank (Season 2, Episode #39)October 27, 2020 Episode artwork Douglas Williams - College Basketball player, Civil Affairs Team Leader, MBA Candidate at Wharton, Veteran & Emerging Entrepreneur (Season 2, Episode #38)October 21, 2020 Episode artwork Anthony Vaughan (AJ) - College Football Player, Serial Entrepreneur, HR guru & Founder at The E1B2 Collective (Season 2, Episode #37)October 09, 2020 Episode artwork Will Harden - Air Force Veteran, Cancer Survivor & Operations Manager for Astranis (Season 2, Episode #36)September 29, 2020 Episode artwork David Fivecoat - 24 year Army Infantryman, Ranger Qualified, Blogger & Managing Partner at The Fivecoat Consulting Group (Season 2, Episode #35)September 15, 2020 Episode artwork Tony Liles - 24 year Army Veteran, Human Capital Leader, Operations Manager, Husband & Father. (Season 2, Episode #34)September 08, 2020 Episode artwork Dave Leach - Army Veteran, COO @ Wear Blue: Run to Remember & VP Leader Development at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Season 2, Episode #33)September 01, 2020 Episode artwork Romando Harrison - College Baseball Player, Day Trader and Real Estate Magician (Season 2, Episode #32)August 25, 2020 Episode artwork Ellen Fulton - Master Certified Coach, Coach Educator and Creator of Conversations2Mastery (Season 2, Episode #31)August 10, 2020 Episode artwork Andy Schatzley - National Champion Baseball Coach, National Baseball Congress National Manager of the Year & Manager of Orem Owlz - Advanced Rookie Ball Affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels (Season 2, Episode #30)August 03, 2020 Episode artwork Josh McCain - Grinder, Veteran Advocate, Founder & President at Big Sky Bravery (Season 2, Episode #29)July 27, 2020 Episode artwork Casey Stevenson - New Dad, Baller, Sports Junkie and Enterprise Account Executive at Teamworks (Season 2, Episode #28)July 20, 2020 Episode artwork Brad Brown - College Athlete, Army Combat Engineer & Senior Associate Athletic Director at West Point (Season 2, Episode #27)July 09, 2020 Episode artwork John O'Grady - NCAA Lacrosse Player at West Point, Veteran and Founder & Owner at O'Grady Leadership and Consulting Services (Season 2, Episode #26)July 06, 2020 Episode artwork