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Whatcha Ain't Gon' Do!

Hawk & Heron, LLC

"Whatcha Ain't Gon' Do!" is a little podcast about the joy of setting boundaries: mental/emotional boundaries, physical boundaries, philosophical boundaries--you name it! I'll try to keep each episode short and sweet--no more than twenty minutes long, in most cases--so that you and I can help each other gain clarity by getting straight to the point. Some episodes will just be my musings on some boundary-setting that I have either done or still need to do in life. Some episodes will feature me and some trusted co-hosts, and we may even have a guest or two from time to time. Expect a new episode every Wednesday around noon, to help you get over the mid-week hump. So, please subscribe and join me on this journey of learning to feel good about saying "No!" to other folk's agendas and "Yes!" to ourselves and our dreams. You may be and do a lot of things, but "Whatcha Ain't Gon' Do" is miss this podcast, right? Love ya!

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