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Take Off Your Shoes By Marie Duquette

Marie Duquette

Website: https://marinawell.com/
Pr. Marie Duquette, with 20 years of sound theological preaching, brings the Bible into current events in this podcast. FROM HER LINKED-IN PROFILE - "I've been a progressive pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) for twenty years, including leading four separate congregations in three states, each with a different emphasis. In that time I've lead a rural congregation through building a church, which included a summer in which several young children died and the community was wracked with grief; a small community through extensive grief; a beachside congregation through a merger with a large cathedral on the mainland; and a diverse congregation in a college town through the pandemic. My writing experience includes liturgical content for Augsburg Fortress (Minneapolis, MI); feature articles for Crazy Wisdom (Ann Arbor, MI); editorials for the Observer-Eccentric (Farmington, MI) as well as creative non-fiction for my BLOG, Take Off Your Shoes, since 2010." ---- Recent Sermon Podcast Video at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC365UWForRqptz6Xhgs5crQ  Thank you for your support!