MNmaxed Podcast

Starfinder 21 - Spider Web of Lies

August 15, 2021 MNmaxed Season 3 Episode 21
MNmaxed Podcast
Starfinder 21 - Spider Web of Lies
Show Notes

Continuing through the dungeon under the surface of dead Eox the crew have found themselves in a sticky situation. Huge ambushing spiders start popping out and our heroes find themselves separated from each other.

MNmaxed continues a new great adventure; MNmaxed in Spaaace! This Patreon Goal release is a homebrew Starfinder campaign run by David, with old familiar faces Tyler, Ted, and Swany. They are also joined by friend and fellow adventurer Bense. Thanks to everyone who helped make this new campaign possible through your support, it is very appreciated.

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