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Lianne Campbell MSc

Are you passionate about diet and lifestyle intervention for psoriasis? Or maybe you just want to learn more about the impact of your gut bacteria on your health. If you don’t know your Firmicutes from your Bacteroidetes and you've never heard of microbiome modulation? This podcast is for you.You know what you put in your body is important, but you maybe don’t realise just how important. This podcast explore the complex, multifaceted condition psoriasis, discussing what we know about the condition and what we don't. It deep dives into the rapidly developing area of the human microbiome, in particular the gut, to discuss evidence-based, scientific research on diet and lifestyle intervention to supports gut health and clear psoriasis. Disclaimer - This podcast does not provide medical advice, it is for information purposes only. Listening to this podcast does not constitute a physician–patient relationship. Do not disregard medical advice or delay seeking it. Fuel for Health and Lianne Campbell MSc assume no responsibility for the improper use of the information in this podcast. Twitter - @health_fuel, Instagram - @fuel_for_health