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WS1952 Scaling Your Real Estate Business | Highlights Sharad Mehta

February 24, 2024 Whitney Sewell Episode 1952
The Real Estate Syndication Show
WS1952 Scaling Your Real Estate Business | Highlights Sharad Mehta
Show Notes

Sharpen your real estate investment strategy with the power of technology!  This highlight episode of the Real Estate Syndication Show features an insightful conversation with Sharad Mehta, founder of ReSimply, a game-changing software solution for investors.

Key takeaways you won't want to miss:

  • Discover list stacking: Sharad unveils this powerful ReSimply feature that helps you identify highly motivated sellers by uncovering hidden connections across different data sets. This targeted marketing approach ensures you maximize your efforts and resources by focusing on the hottest leads.
  • ReSimply for all asset classes: Whether you're a single-family home investor or dealing with multifamily properties, storage units, or mobile home parks, ReSimply has you covered. Sharad discusses the versatility of the platform and highlights the need for tailored marketing strategies as you move up in asset class. Learn about personalized and direct methods like certified mail and FedEx envelopes for reaching sophisticated investors.
  • Track your marketing success: Sharad explains how ReSimply empowers you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Gain valuable insights into which channels are delivering the best results and optimize your spending for maximum ROI.

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