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Richuals® to Seven

Ruby Lee

Welcome to the Richuals® to Seven Podcast where my mission here is to help you meet your first million dollars as an intuitively aligned coach. This podcast is filled with strategy, spirituality and science to help you think about entrepreneurship as a way of being, not just a way of doing. The podcast is infused with teaching from The Richuals Way®, my 8 signature phases to get to six figures in flow. Together we dive deep into an alchemy of topics which cover mindset, online business strategy, astrology, human design, energetics in business, money, wealth creation and so much more!I'm excited to share interviews with entrepreneurs, healers, teachers and spiritual leaders who have melded their own rituals and practices to grow a successful business. The solo episodes will leave you feeling ready to take inspired action, create your own 'richuals' in business and become even more empowered to live your most authentic and abundant life.Ready to dive in? Then start binging! xo Ruby

Recent Episodes

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