Manifestation Guide - What I do when it seems my manifestations aren't happening

March 16, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 240
Manifestation Guide - What I do when it seems my manifestations aren't happening
Show Notes

Since December 2020, I’ve been manifesting $200k months. It hasn’t shown up yet, but in my inner reality it has. I’ve been holding space for it, speaking out affirmations and living in vibrational alignment with my desire every day. It’s already integrated into my body. 

In this episode, I wanted to have a conversation around the toil that happens between the manifesting work and seeing your desires unfold. 

You are always communicating your dreams to the universe and the universe is always communicating back to you. But it’s more than just writing something in a journal and waiting for it to magically happen. 

I talk about maintaining a positive realm in the mind and how you can change your reality by changing your mind. I dive into the power and magic of words and how every thought that goes through your brain carries a frequency. 

During the times of doubt and uncertainty, we need to find physical things that help us connect with the spiritual world. I share my trifecta of hypnotherapy, kinesiology and journaling and how I use silent meditation to meet God and manifest my dreams.  

What you desire is already here. All you need to do is believe it. 

Are you acting in vibrational alignment to your desires?


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