Human Design - Setting yourself up for success as a projector with Jess Williamson

May 04, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 247
Human Design - Setting yourself up for success as a projector with Jess Williamson
Show Notes

Human Design fans, this is an episode for you! I’m diving deep with my special guest, Jess Williamson, on setting yourself up for success as a Projector. 

As an award winning mindset and business coach, Jess is all about creating abundance and impact without sacrificing your lifestyle. She helps her clients unleash their potential, overcome limiting beliefs and live their dream lives. 

Jess has gone through an incredible journey since discovering Human Design and today we’re nerding out on the Projector aura. As a 1/3 Splenic Projector, Jess is a real life model of all things projector lifestyle and business. She shares how understanding her specific Human Design has changed her life and business and what it looks like to living in alignment with your design. 

We talk about what life and business looked like before Jess dove deep into Human Design and how she operates now with a deeper knowledge of her natural way of being. Jess shares her tips for fellow projectors, including being intentional with rest and how she listens to her intuition. 

As a Manifesting Generator, I found this chat so fascinating to understand the Projector type in a deeper way. Jess’ wisdom and insight into Human Design is so rich. You’re going to love it. 


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