Generational Money Stories - How my mother shaped my beliefs around money

May 11, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 248
Generational Money Stories - How my mother shaped my beliefs around money
Show Notes

Having just celebrated Mother’s Day, I’ve been thinking recently about what my mother taught me about money. I grew up in a family that went through a lot of financial trauma with gambling and it deeply impacted the way I thought about money. 

But no matter what was happening, my mother used to say, “it’s only money and there’s always more of it to be made”. 

There is always more that can be made.

I’ve dealt with a lot of limiting beliefs around money and in this episode, I’m diving into recalibrating your thoughts and energy around money, wealth and abundance. This is going to help you move through those seemingly unshakable beliefs and step into greater freedom when it comes to wealth and abundant flow. 

I talk about focusing on the desire rather than the doubts and share how this has played out in my life on numerous occasions. It’s not about following logic and reason because your job as a co-creator with the universe is to pick the better feeling option. 

What feels abundant to you?

When you recalibrate your beliefs around money, you vibrationally align with abundance. This creates a flow of wealth not only into your life but into the lives of those around you. 


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