Create content that SELLS

June 01, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 251
Create content that SELLS
Show Notes

If you’re stumped for ideas on how to create content that sells, this episode is going to light a FIRE beneath you. I’m so excited to dive into this topic today and show you just how flowy it can be to create juicy content that magnetises your ideal clients. 

In this episode, I break down the exact process I use to create clear and precise content, the same process I teach inside my Mastermind and Inner Circle. First and foremost, it’s about getting crystal clear on your why and your soul’s deeper purpose. I share some deep questions to ask yourself - take the time to answer them on an energetic level and you’ll see how quickly your content begins to flow. 

Creating content isn’t just about coming up with clever ideas. It’s about understanding yourself and your deeper purpose so that you can shine a light back on the people who see themselves in your reflection. If you’re not coming from a place of true understanding of your soul’s mission, your content will become disconnected, generalised, unclear, and boring. 

Get your pen and paper out as I’m also going to walk you through an exercise to help you deeply understand your ideal client, their thoughts, their dreams, their energetic state and how you can help them with your current offerings. I share the results of my personal brainstorming exercise and how this has helped me zero in on my “Running on empty coach” and how I am able to serve them. 

As a spiritual frequency source, there is nothing that can keep you back from getting your message out there. You don’t have to succumb to the way social media is adjusting you to perform. Don’t worry about algorithms and trends. Putting soul led content out there is WAY more effective. 

I promise you, doing this exercise and taking the time to answer these questions for yourself will save you time in the long run and enable you to scale your business even faster. 

Your ideal client is looking for someone who speaks the language of their soul. How will they know it’s you unless you make is clear with your messaging?


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