Backing the upgrade

June 15, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 253
Backing the upgrade
Show Notes

I’ve gone through amazing moments of clarity in the last few weeks and learned how to back the upgrade. I dedicated the time and energy to find my way through the fog and frustration of expectations and where I think I should be or what I should be doing. 

Does this sound familiar? Are you often bound by past expectations or the views of others? 

In this episode, I’m creating space to look at how you can back the upgrade in your business and life. 

I’m excited to be sharing what’s happening in my own personal growth. Through important work with my kinesiologist, I asked my higher self what I needed to work on that I’m not entirely conscious of. By catching that thread and pulling it out, we examined the thoughts and beliefs that were surrounding it together. 

I came out feeling fulfilled and upgraded. 

Together, we’ll dive further and explore what you really want in life and business, reflect on why you aren’t currently backing it, and how uplifting your pricing will flow on to the other programs in your business. 

I found that I have more work to do around expansion and money mindset to examine my feelings of guilt around raising prices, you may feel the same. But up-leveling is all about receiving what is next and backing the upgrade so you can reach more amazing clients. 

I’m fully allowing myself to sink into these vibes. I’m embracing and calling in being seen as the expert, being sovereign in myself and being unapologetic for everything I’ve built to this point. 

I’m also thrilled to be sharing with you my new inner circle in a high ticket environment for all of you who are earning $5k to $10k months! I can’t wait for you to join me in this incredible new journey. 

To back your upgrade, come back to your big vision, your purpose work and the deepest part of what drives you. When you know your energetic values and what connects you to this vision, you become a magnet and a way-finder for others.  


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