How I made 6 figures in one week

June 29, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 255
How I made 6 figures in one week
Show Notes

This has been a week of elevation and celebration because I just made 6 figures in one week and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

In this episode, I share some background on the last couple of years leading up to this synchronistic, high energy sales week. I tell you exactly how I did it, the breakdown of the figures and how you can exponentially shift your energy in the quantum field. 

Prior to 2020, I was high vibing as I traveled the world with my family. Then, being stuck in the strictest lockdowns in the world (hello Melbourne!!!), a new version of me emerged just to keep the momentum going. I was faithful to stoke the fire, no matter how small and dim it was at the time and I’m so grateful for that version of me.

But this year, it was time for the energy to shift. And I shifted it big time.

I talk about the building blocks that contributed to this massive sales week, including the shifts that happened during somatic work through hypnotherapy, kinesiology and understanding that I am a powerful creator. I took the reigns and called in the energy that I wanted to see.

I dive into the power of personal invitations, and why you need to build a hot list of clients who trust you, people who you genuinely connect with and who want to be in your energy. I asked the universe to guide me on who to invite into my Inner Circle and the sales came through with such ease and synchronicity. I share exactly what this looked like and how sending personal invitations doesn't have to be awkward.

If you’re feeling stuck in the business you’re in, or your business is just sailing, be proud of yourself for keeping those embers lit. 

And if you want to shift that energy and step into something new, the universe is waiting!


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