Money, wealth and raising prices with Ellie Swift

July 06, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 256
Money, wealth and raising prices with Ellie Swift
Show Notes

Ellie Swift is my radiant guest on the podcast today and we shared such a juicy conversation about money, wealth, raising prices, spirituality, the journey from employee to CEO and SO much more. I feel like I found someone who speaks my language and our missions in business are so aligned. I know you’re going to get so much out of this episode.

Ellie is a Marketing & Mindset Coach and Business Mentor for high performing female entrepreneurs who want to create soul led, profitable and abundant businesses. Ellie is a huge advocate for the mastermind environment and we share the same set of energetic values in the way we run our businesses. Through her unique framework of mindset and strategic marketing, Ellie guides her clients to create heart driven 6 and 7 figure online businesses with ease.

In this episode, Ellie shares her journey into the entpreneural world, transitioning from the corporate employee mindset into the mindset of a CEO and how her belief in something greater than herself manifests in her business. 

We dive into the topic of money, and what stories came up for Ellie as she started sharing more about wealth and abundance on social media. We talk about the current landscape where we’re seeing women slight other women for sharing openly about money, and how we all have an energetic responsibility to process the triggers that come up for us. 

Ellie works with her clients predominantly through a mastermind model and we talk about the incredible environment that masterminds create, both as a client and a facilitator. There is so much opportunity to learn from others, be inspired and take a quantum leap in those magnetic experiences. We dive into Ellie’s philosophy on raising prices, the fear that comes up every time and how following your intuition will always make business more easeful. 

I felt so inspired after chatting with Ellie and I know you’re going to love this conversation as much as I did.


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