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AI and the Future of Work

Dan Turchin

Host Dan Turchin, InsightFinder CEO and PeopleReign Executive Chairman, explores how AI is changing the workplace and what the future of work will look like. He interviews thought leaders across high-tech who share their experiences and insights about artificial intelligence and what it means to be human in the era of AI-driven automation. Learn more about InsightFinder, the system of intelligence for IT Operations: Learn more about PeopleReign, the AI platform for employee service:

Recent Episodes

Bryan Talebi, founder and CEO of Ahura AI, shares how AI is being used to up-skill and re-skill workers being displaced by automationJune 20, 2021 Episode artwork Milin Desai, CEO of unicorn APM vendor Sentry, discusses the future of software, what's wrong with DevOps, and what 100 other monitoring vendors don't knowJune 13, 2021 Episode artwork Slater Victoroff, founder and CTO of intelligent process automation company Indico, discusses deep learning, AGI, and his entrepreneurial journeyJune 06, 2021 Episode artwork Dr. Mark van Rijmenam, technologist, entrepreneur, and author, discusses AI ethics, future societies, blockchains, and digital laborMay 30, 2021 Episode artwork Zi Wang, CEO and founder of Timeless, discusses the future of time management, responsible use of data for AI, and how he's out to change the worldMay 23, 2021 Episode artwork Banjot Chanana, product leader from VMware, Docker, Google, and AWS, discusses the rise of containers and what's ahead in DevOpsMay 17, 2021 Episode artwork Ciro Greco and Jacopo Tagliabue, founders of Tooso, discuss their entrepreneurial journey, acquisition by Coveo, and the future of machine intelligenceMay 10, 2021 Episode artwork Kordel France, CEO of Seekar Technologies, discusses the importance of AI explainability and how Seekar's AI helps radiologists detect COVIDMay 05, 2021 Episode artwork Rishon Blumberg and Michael Solomon, authors of Game Changer: How to be 10x in the Talent Economy, discuss AI, freelancers, and what it takes to be 10x better at everythingApril 27, 2021 Episode artwork Linda Rottenberg, Endeavor Co-founder and CEO, discusses entrepreneurship in emerging marketsApril 18, 2021 Episode artwork Denis Jacquet, founder of the Day One Movement, international entrepreneur, and author discusses how automation is transforming the labor market April 11, 2021 Episode artwork Joe Rehmann, CEO and Founder of Victory Farms in Kenya, shares how technology-enabled fish farming is eradicating hungerApril 03, 2021 Episode artwork Philippe Cases, CEO of Topio Networks, serial entrepreneur, and investor discusses edge computing, IoT and AI plus the future of Silicon ValleyMarch 26, 2021 Episode artwork Tim Crawford, serial CIO and CIO advisor, discusses three phases of AI adoption in the enterpriseMarch 21, 2021 Episode artwork Rory O'Driscoll, Partner at Scale Venture Partners, discusses success modes for AI companies and three essential strategies for startupsMarch 14, 2021 Episode artwork Wendy Pfeiffer, Nutanix CIO, discusses the future of enterprise technology, girls in STEM careers, and leading remote teamsMarch 07, 2021 Episode artwork Rak Garg, investor at OpenView, discusses how enterprise software startups can disrupt incumbents like Splunk and AtlassianFebruary 22, 2021 Episode artwork Glenn Solomon, GGV Capital Managing Partner, discusses the people behind amazing companies like Airbnb, HashiCorp, and OpendoorFebruary 15, 2021 Episode artwork Elaine Zelby, investor at SignalFire, discusses unsexy markets and the SaaS startup bundleFebruary 09, 2021 Episode artwork Evangelos Simoudis, best-selling author and Managing Director at Synapse Partners, discusses the present and future of autonomous vehiclesJanuary 30, 2021 Episode artwork Ashu Garg, General Partner at Foundation Capital, discusses finding and investing in the future of AIJanuary 23, 2021 Episode artwork Haixun Wang, VP and AI Distinguished Scientist at Instacart, shares insights from 20 years of innovating at IBM, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and AmazonJanuary 01, 2021 Episode artwork Darius Goldman, CEO and Founder of Meratas, discusses the future of education and how income share agreements workDecember 12, 2020 Episode artwork Michael Shepherd, Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies, discusses the future of AI, ethics, and what happens when machines are smarter than usDecember 07, 2020 Episode artwork The past, present, and future of AIOps with Dr. Helen Gu, CTO and Founder of InsightFinderNovember 28, 2020 Episode artwork