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AI and the Future of Work

Dan Turchin

Host Dan Turchin, PeopleReign CEO and InsightFinder advisor, explores how AI is changing the workplace. He interviews thought leaders across high-tech who share their experiences and insights about artificial intelligence and what it means to be human in the era of AI-driven automation. Learn more about InsightFinder, the system of intelligence for IT Operations: Learn more about PeopleReign, the AI platform for employee service:
Mahesh Ram, CEO of Solvvy (acquired by Zoom), discusses the future of conversational AI for customer serviceMay 22, 2022 Episode artwork Chandra Khatri, Chief Scientist and Head of AI at Got It AI, discusses the future of NLP for better customer experiences with botsMay 15, 2022 Episode artwork Paul Lee, co-founder of Synesis One, discusses the future of NLP and AI data harvesting using games and blockchains to earn NFTsMay 08, 2022 Episode artwork Phil Johnson, founder and CEO of Master of Business Leadership, discusses how leaders can overcome adversity by improving their EQMay 01, 2022 Episode artwork Dipanwita ("D") Das, Founder and CEO of Sorcero, discusses how AI improves lives by helping life sciences experts accelerate medical researchApril 24, 2022 Episode artwork Christopher Nguyen, serial entrepreneur, AI professor, and CEO of Aitomatic, discusses human-first vs. data-first approaches to machine learningApril 17, 2022 Episode artwork Matt K. Parker, author and engineering leader, discusses how radical enterprises are defining the future of workApril 11, 2022 Episode artwork Jaime Ramirez, CEO and Founder of Preventor, discusses the future of AI for identity verification to prevent fraud onlineApril 03, 2022 Episode artwork Edmundo Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO of Marpai Health, discusses the future of AI to improve healthcareMarch 27, 2022 Episode artwork Doug Kerwin, AI children's book author, discusses the importance of educating kids about working with AIMarch 20, 2022 Episode artwork Phil McKinney, former CTO of HP and CEO of CableLabs, shares the formula for turning ordinary teams into innovation machinesMarch 13, 2022 Episode artwork Rene Steenvoorden, Chief Digital Officer at Randstad, discusses how AI humanizes the recruiting processMarch 06, 2022 Episode artwork Gordon Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Rain Neuromorphics, shares how to re-create a carbon-based brain on a silicon chipFebruary 27, 2022 Episode artwork Jason Corsello, VC @ Acadian Ventures and WorkTech expert, discusses the future of tech for better employee experiencesFebruary 20, 2022 Episode artwork Dr. Mamoun Samaha, serial CTO, security expert, and professor, discusses the future of AI in cybersecurityFebruary 13, 2022 Episode artwork Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO of Damo Consulting and author, discusses the future of technology in healthcareFebruary 06, 2022 Episode artwork Dave Kellogg, serial CEO, investor, and SaaS metrics expert, shares his (provocative) tech predictions for 2022January 30, 2022 Episode artwork Graham Brown, technologist, award-winning podcast host, and storyteller, shares what entrepreneurs need to know to create better pitch decksJanuary 23, 2022 Episode artwork Rob May, venture partner at PJC and serial AI entrepreneur, shares what's holding back AI adoption in the enterpriseJanuary 16, 2022 Episode artwork Elliot Shmukler, CEO of Anomalo, discusses why data quality monitoring is the future of personalizationJanuary 09, 2022 Episode artwork Luke Arrigoni, Data Scientist and CEO of Arricor, shares how to turn enterprise data into decisions with AIJanuary 02, 2022 Episode artwork Peter Fishman, co-founder and CEO of Mozart Data, discusses data pipelines and why they're defining the future of data analyticsDecember 26, 2021 Episode artwork Shawn Merani, Founder and Managing Director of Parade Ventures, discusses how to start a venture fund and find great entrepreneursDecember 20, 2021 Episode artwork Mel Engle, CEO of Predictive Oncology, shares how AI is curing cancerDecember 12, 2021 Episode artwork Matt Cowell, CEO at QuantHub, shares why the future workforce needs to be data literateDecember 05, 2021 Episode artwork